Saturday, March 24, 2012

A little about..ME.

My name's Jessica. And this is intended to be a blog about getting to a point in life where you are living healthy...and loving yourself! Which is where I got the title from, if you couldn't tell.

So a little about my life. I'm a 22 year old college student. I'm 6' tall, and while i'm not model skinny...or near it...i do really like my body. It could always use a little improvement here and there, a bit of toning, but I've got great curves!

I stay pretty busy between school and working two jobs. I've found that lately, that's been my excuse for not taking care of myself as good as I should be. Then i think back, and realize that there's ALWAYS been some kind of excuse. I've worked as a server/bartender since 2008, which means a lot of movement. I could get away with eating the occasional (or weekly) chicken parmesan pasta covered in creamy heaps of parmesan sauce and marinara with breaded chicken, because I kept it off by moving a LOT. Now I work in an office, and all the sitting around has made me have to start eating a lot better!

Don't get me wrong, I do eat pretty well for a college student. It's definitely been influenced upon me though, I didn't just choose to. In 2008, i met my soulmate (we'll call him C from now on). In 2009 we moved in together...and then I started eating FRESH veggies. Before then, veggies were just fine out of the can...or barely eaten at all. I cooked a lot, but it usually included a good portion of pasta or rice or even macaroni and cheese.

While I've started eating better, I ate that way because that's how C ate, and I knew it was better for me than what i was eating. But now, after reevaluating my diet and health life AGAIN, I've come to realize...that it isn't a whole lot better than before. 

So I have decided to start over again. This blog will be about my journey towards developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

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