Monday, March 26, 2012

GM Diet: Day 2

Let me tell you this...this had better be worth it!

Ok, i'm a little dramatic. But I can already tell it's worth it. I woke up this morning 3 pounds lighter! Of course I know, a lot of it is water weight, but man it felt good standing on that scale this morning. It felt a lot better than last night, I woke up at 4am with sharp pains in my stomach!

So today was vegetable day. Veggies only. And the potato in the morning.
I'm not a potato fan, but I can stand sweet potatoes, so i ate one of those this morning with a tiny bit of butter. It felt good sinking my teeth into something substantial, I'll tell you that.

I felt full until I went into work around 12, but i had come prepared. I brought a lunch of pan-cooked green beans and a bag of carrots to snack on all day. I was snacking on those carrots quite a lot though, I couldn't get to the point of full. And i'm having to go to the restroom so much because of all of this water i'm drinking, the other employees must think I have a problem.

When I got home tonight, I was doing ok, but I could not wait to eat. I fixed myself and C some veggie fajitas, (beef on the side for him), check it out. It was quite delicious!

A couple of hours later...omgoodness I have the WORST headache ever. And the pains in my stomach were stabbing. I just came from C's office area, where he told me, after I let him know multiple times that I was dying and he assured me that I wasn't, that I just have the Carb Flu, and It will go away with time.

I thought he had just made it up. But then I looked it up. It's legit, here's a link on it:

So now i'm going to go drink some more water, take some tylenol, and go enjoy my new favorite show, Smash!

**Don't get discouraged on your second day, I've read that the second day is the hardest! Don't give up :) **

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