Tuesday, March 27, 2012

GM Diet: Day 3

Today went so much smoother than yesterday. And i woke up and had lost two more pounds! No headache, no stomach ache, just plenty of energy, and that's before my cup of black coffee (which i've been sprinkling with Truvia).

I started the day off with fresh strawberries and kiwi at 8:30am, and then felt pretty full afterwards. Around 12pm I had some melon, and I was so full I didn't even eat my veggies i'd brought. Around 3:30pm I shared some grapes with some coworkers.

For dinner, I had corn on the cob, and then made my smoothie! It was so good, I froze half an orange, put in half a mango, two strawberries, ice, and a little 100% cranberry juice.

Around 10pm I felt a little empty so I had about a cup of plain popcorn. In the end i'd have to say it was a pretty great healthy day! Wasn't tempted to cheat at all, and I had a lot of energy!

I'm a little nervous about tomorrow though. Only bananas and milk. And I HATE milk, i think it's so gross. But i've got some ideas in mind, and I know I'll be happy once I wake up and check that scale ;)

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