Wednesday, March 28, 2012

5 Healthy and Yummy Alternative Snacks!

I often get cravings for random things during the day, especially when i'm sitting at my desk at the office. And there's always something bad to snack on there, candies, cookies, and more. So i've got a list of some good things for you...when you're craving the bad!

1. You're craving Candy

Try: A handful of grapes. Your blood sugar is dropping. These will help put those cravings to a rest.

2. You're craving Salty Snacks like Potato Chips:

Try: Pickles or pretzels. You may find you crave this after workouts or any sweaty activity...sodium is released in your sweat! These snacks have just enough sodium (especially the pickles) and help you shave off calories. 

3. You're craving Carbonated Drinks:

Try: Greek Yogurt. I know, sounds weird...but you're body is craving calcium when you feel the need to sip on a soda pop. Greek Yogurt provides that calcium...and try the Chobani Greek Yogurt. It has lots of different flavors, and they're delicious.

4. You're craving Bread:

Try: Brazil Nuts. Your body is craving a boost of energy. These nuts are not only high in protein, but will give your body a jump start to get your butt back in gear. Try a handful the next time you get sluggish one afternoon, I promise, it'll work!

5. You're Craving Cookies:

Try: Rice Cakes with Peanut Butter. Your body is just craving more sugar! Rice cakes are low calorie and low fat snacks...stick to plain flavors, and just a bit of peanut butter to make them taste better and give you a bit of protein and energy. 

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