Thursday, March 29, 2012

GM Diet: Day 5

Hope lots of people have made it this far!
So today was beef (or lean protein) and tomato day. This is the day i've been looking forward to the most because I finally got to eat meat! The tomato part wasn't so bad, I like tomatoes, but after two, I had had enough.

So I got up this morning and weighed myself. Lost only one pound. At first, I was disappointed. But then i thought...hey, i'm much further than I was yesterday! So i've lost ten pounds in five days...i think i can live with that.

I started off with a breakfast at 7:45am of two egg whites scrambled with diced tomatoes. A little bland, but good! That kept me full until about 12:30 surprisingly. I had packed a lunch of a burger patty and two tomatoes chopped up with a little garlic, basil, and balsamic vinegar. I couldn't even finish it, ate about 3/4 of my burger and one tomato, then wasn't hungry until dinner time. 

I kind of cheated and had a couple of C's homemade cheese sticks at around 6. He dips mozzarella sticks in egg and then breads it with Panko crumbs and bakes it for about 5 minutes...soooooo good!

At 8 we ate London Broil that I made ( C is so happy that i'm back to eating meat!) and I roasted tomatoes in the oven with a little olive oil and garlic and pepper. 

I also drank 14 cups of water today, sipping on my 15th as we speak. They say it's really important to drink more water than normal, helps rid of the sudden intake of uric acid, and also, keeps you feeling full!

I can tell things have changed though. I feel different when full, like satisfied, but not super stuffed. And I left my coffee at home today, and I don't have a headache and had plenty of energy! Usually I get really tired at work around 2pm, and today I just kept going. It was great.

Looking forward to tomorrow, because tomorrow is back to normal eating, just beef (or lean proteins) and vegetables. C barely ever eats carbs, so we tend to only eat meat and veggies, unless I make couscous or sneak in some croissant rolls from Publix. Probably why this diet has been a lot easier for me than most, because I don't eat a lot of carbs as it is!

Good luck to all of you doing this GM diet. Just 5...only two days to go, you can make it!

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