Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Easiest Way to Lose Weight.

I've been given the task of losing as much weight as possible. My job has just started a Biggest Loser Competition (Jackpot so far of $350, and growing)! Thankfully I work for a small company, and I am in the lead right now...competition is definitely a huge push for me, I HATE losing. And it's easy for me, because I've figured out what to do..

But when it comes to dieting, most people put it off for days...weeks...even months...or just give up altogether. Because we think that dieting means, expensive foods, feeling hungry all the time, and having to give up our favorite snacks. But it's not that difficult! The secret is to just keep track of what you eat. I've done this, and have lost 9 pounds so far, beating everyone's weight loss of 0-3 pounds! And the best way i've been able to do it is with this program:

This program/app lets you say how much weight you want to lose a week (up to two pounds) and then finds out what you're daily routine is, how many calories you lose just from that routine, and how much you'd have to work out and eat to acheive your goal. The best parts about it for me are:

1. You can add your friends, so it's like you're losing weight with them...big motivator! And no one else has to see what you weigh, it just shows how many pounds you've lost. My log-in is Jloche89 in case anyone wants a friend to help motivate.
2. It's an App on your phone, so you can scan the barcode of items you're going to eat, and it'll tell you how many calories are in the serving.
3. It has a HUGE database...everything i've ever eaten is already in there!
4. I push myself to eat less and workout more.

Keeping track of your weight is one way to eat less, because you constantly get to see what you're taking in. This program allows you to see how many calories each item is, and tells you how much more you can eat to lose a certain amount of weight. The benefits of keeping a "food diary" are numerous, and the end result is so rewarding!

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