Thursday, April 12, 2012

Give Your Home the Benefits of Yoga.

Yoga is a great way to exercise to keep you toned and lean...but also to keep you focused, calm, and unstressed. Unfortunately, it can all go out the window once you come home to a cluttered unorganized house!

If you're like me, coming home to a messy house can stress you out beyond a doubt. So why not give your home a dose of the form of Feng Shui??

This Chinese art of placement has been around Asia for more than 2,000 years, while it's just becoming a trend in the U.S. The ancient practice is based on the principle that everything is made of energy...and that good energy flow can bring balance and vitality to every element of your life!
Here are some signs that you may be in need of a Feng Shui Makeover:

-There's clutter everywhere. 
-Messy or overflowing closets and drawers
-Unused or underused spaces
-Wilted/Dying Plants
-Squeaky Doors, stuck windows, leaky roofs
-Bad Smells
-Bedside table on only one side of bed
-Desk facing the wall (creates vulnerability leaving your back to the door)
-Front doors that aren't used
-Dark entries, or unwelcoming art

So here are some tips to get started!

1. Have a specific place for everything in your home...and make sure to always have everything back in it's place! Things like the mailbox key, daily mail, spare linen..all should have a designated spot to call it's own. 

2. Make sure to have a junk box/drawer, for temporary storage of all the small misplaced items. Don't forget to clean out that area from time to time! 

3. Don't hoard things you don't need! If you haven't used something in the last month...and can't think of a time when you will use it next..get rid of it. Why keep it? 

4. The inside and the outside of a front door has the ability to warm, invite, and re-invite guests in your home. So make the views appealing! Light the exterior walkway, and when you open the door, have fresh flowers or smiling faces of your family clearly visible.

5. The living room is a space to gather, so the living room is a room of opportunities. Avoid placing furniture with the back to the door. Large floor rugs, curtains, and candles are great decorations that really warm a room. Decorate to your liking...but don't go overboard!

6. Bookshelves in a living adds depth and texture to a living room. Don't leave magazines and books on tables though-this just adds more clutter.

7. The bedroom, i find, is the most important room to have organized! Your day begins and end in the bedroom, so adding some feng shui really starts and ends your day in a relaxing and pleased mood. But keep things simple. A bookshelf, side tables, and a bed are really all you need. Add in some eye soothing decorations. And remember...vacant floor and wall space have no place in a bedroom!

Now go add a more calming and stress-free environment to your life!

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